From the World’s Gardens, We are a bulk food ingredients supplier for manufacturers and stores

About Cropses:

Cropses is a well-known food ingredient provider with branches in UAE and Europe. We work with manufacturers and global suppliers to make their life easier when buying or distributing ingredients.

Our Suppliers:

We have a vast network of suppliers from countries such as China, Turkey, India, USA, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Where We Sell:

Cropses aim to help manufacturers and customers find the best ingredients in the lowest price. Cropses distributes products in GCC countries and European countries.

Why Cropses

At Cropses, service excellence, products’ quality, competitiveness, and reach perfectly team up, making us your preferred partner in the GCC region and the European countries.

Service Excellence

Cropses exactly knows how to offer the finest products for our suppliers in the Gulf, supported by an excellent client service team and a set of ethics that makes every deal a success project, for us, our parners, and customers, as well.

Products’ Quality

From their homeland to our warehouses, products are carefully chosen to be premium, high-quality, and distinctive from everything available in the market to gain our client’s satisfaction and beyond.


At Cropses, we win the excellence challenge with our reasonable pricing, competitive marketing plans, and quality sourcing process, and we managed to be strongly present in the Gulf market.

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